Hamed Jaberha

Visual Artist and Graphic designer

Hamed Jaberha was born in 1984; He’s a is an interdisciplinary artist whose works span a variety of mediums, such as photography, video art, artists’ books, sculptures, documentations. Lately, he’s been focusing on installations that incorporate various media, with photography as a central influence. His works reflect a strong connection between image, history, nature, politics, philosophy, and society. As a multidisciplinary artist, he offers a critical perspective on his surroundings, drawing inspiration from his daily experiences as a Middle Eastern citizen. He’s deeply engaged with the cultural, historical, and artistic roots of his country. One of the concepts he’s been pondering lately is decay, while he also has a passion for incorporating natural and perishable materials and time based, into his works. finding concepts in nature, history, science, politics, rotten textures, broken parts, body spots, wounds, cuts, frictions, gravity, fungi and destruction. His collections are largely centered around this theme.
He has held 5 solo exhibitions in Iran and he has participated in many Photography, video art and interdisciplinary art group exhibitions in Iran, Poland, Japan, England, Czech Republic, Russia, Norway, Germany, Ukraine, India, China, USA, Turkey and Bangladesh. His works have been published in several magazines and books all around the world.
Hamed is also involved in graphic design and art management. His Studio, Studio Heh, in Tehran is dedicated to book design mainly for the international independent poetry publisher, Pamenar Press which is a press dedicated to multicultural and multilingual experiments and intermedia collaborations. He has participated in more than sixty group poster exhibitions, and is currently Board Members of Mosem Platform and Co-Founder of Ghonbad Projects. © 2017 | Design: | Web Development: Farhad Mantegh