Hamed Jaberha

Visual Artist and Graphic designer

Hamed Jaberha was born in 1984 in Qazvin, but he grew up in Tehran; he has been working as a graphic designer for 17 years. He started designing after graduating from art school in 2000. He has worked as an art director for different cultural magazines since 2009. Also, he is the director of Studio “HEH” in Tehran. He established the studio since 2013.
His graphic works have been influenced by Iranian motifs and Islamic calligraphies. He has also paid great deal of attention to sign design these years. He has participated in more than 30 poster, book cover, UI, layout and sign design exhibitions.
Also he has been a program coordinator in Rybon art center in Iran — Rybon art center is an international, independent and artist-led institute based in Tehran. It was established in 2008 in the field of contemporary critical art of Iran.
He is a visual artist and his artistic activities are related to his experiences which are art photography, video art and installation. In recent years he has presented most of his ideas in installations which has included various media, but mainly his series are either created or influenced by photos. There can be witnessed a close connection between image, imagination, history, politics, philosophy, and society in his works. As a multidisciplinary artist, he has a critical viewpoint for his surroundings. As a Middle Eastern citizen, he is inspired by his daily personal experiences. It is to be mentioned that he has deeply been engaged with the cultural, historical and artistic origins of his country.
Concepts are of high importance in his artworks. Recently he has thought about the concept of decay because he has been interested in rotten textures, broken parts, the shape of body spots, wounds and cuts, frictions and gravity and distortion. Nearly all his collections are based on these concepts. Also, he has been interested in using natural materials depending on his idea or his installation.
He has held 4 solo exhibitions in Iran and he has participated in many Photography, video art and interdisciplinary art group exhibitions in Iran, Poland, Japan, England, Czech Republic, Russia, Norway, Germany, Ukraine, India, China, USA, Turkey and Bangladesh. His works have been published in several magazines and books all around the world.