Hamed Jaberha
Born in 1984, Qazvin, Iran

Professional activities
Administrator & Project Coordinator in Rybon art center, Tehran, Iran
Art director and Manager of Studio “HEH”, Tehran, Iran
Artistic Director & the head of the Tehran Pamenar Residency in Tehran, London, England

Curatorial Project
2016, Second Rybon International Artists workshop, Tehran, Iran
2014, Second Exchange Program (Iran-collaborate with Organ house, China), Tehran, Iran
2012, Co-Coordinator in First Rybon International Artists workshop, Tehran, Iran

Member of
Institute for promotion of contemporary visual art in Iran
Iranian Artists, Writers, Journalists Society

Art Director
2020-2021 Artistic Director of the Carbon Press, Tehran, Iran
2020-2021 Artistic Director of the Perma Press, Tehran, Iran
2019-2020 Tandis, Monthly Magazine
2015-2018 Cinema Animation, Quarterly Magazine
2014-2018 Cinema Verite (Haghighat), Quarterly Magazine
2011-2014 Hastmag (about Art Photography), Quarterly Magazine
2013-2014 Zendegi Mosbat (about life Style), Monthly Magazine
2011-2012 Memary (about Architecture), Monthly Magazine
2011-2012 Eghtesad (about Economic), Monthly Magazine
2009-2012 Kheradnameh (about Philosophy), Monthly Magazine
2010-2011 24 (about Cinema), Monthly Magazine
2010-2011 Paydari (about War), Monthly Magazine
2008-2011 Sarzamin_e_man (about Iran), Monthly Magazine
2008-2009 Sarnakh (about Accidents (, Monthly Magazine
2006-2008 Cinema Javan (Iranian Young filmmaker), festival in Qazvin
2005-2007 Theater Mah, Theater festival in Qazvin
2014-Editorial Photos in “Revayat” Monthly magazine

2018 Hormoz Island, Iran
2016 Patshala south Asian media Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh
2015 Istanbul, Turkey

Solo exhibition
2020 Installation and Photo Book Launch: AG Gallery- Tehran-Iran
2017 Installation “Decay, Chapter two: Rend”– Aaran gallery- Tehran- Iran
2015 Installation “Decay, Chapter one: To Become”– Shirin gallery– Tehran– Iran
2012 Photography and video art “be the sail, be the fish, be the water“Atbin gallery- Tehran- Iran

Selected of Group exhibition
2021 Walking, Virtual Group Exhibition, Multidisciplinary Works by Project 13
2020 Chapter II: Ichor, “ilaj” Curatorial Project, Group exhibition, Tehran, Sharif Gallery
2020 Orpiment, Group Exhibition, Tehran, Sharif Gallery
2020 Shahnameh: The Perpetual Narrative, Interdisciplinary Group Exhibition, Aaran Gallery, Tehran Iran
2019 Manual Print Group Exhibition, Golsa Gallery, Oslo, Norway
2019 Tehran Book Fair, Bon_Gah, Keresht, Iran
2019 Photography Group Exhibition, Silk Road Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018 Photography Group Exhibition, AG Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018 Photography Group Exhibition, Daaj Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018 “ilaj”, Installation Group Exhibition Khooj Studio, New Delhi, India
2017 Activism 15*15*15, Gallery n EUROPA, Dresden, Germany
2017 Book 96/Artists’ Book Exhibition, Aaran Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017 Greedy, Sales gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017 Porto Franko Festival, Pototskyy Palace, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
2017 Saadi, Hepta gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017 Ecce Homo, Pathshala south Asia media school, Dhaka, Bangladesh
2016 Victim player, Hepta gallery, Tehran, Iran
2016 Landscape, Hepta gallery, Tehran, Iran
2016 Coup, Aaran Project, Tehran, Iran
2016 First part of Iran-Bangladesh exchange, Darbast Platform, Tehran, Iran
2016 ICBA biennale, Peace on paper, Niavaran art gallery, Tehran, Iran
2016 Mamut art project, Kouchikchiflik park, Istanbul, Turkey
2016 Jealous, Dena art gallery, Tehran, Iran
2015 Tehran (art Photography), Dena art gallery, Tehran, Iran
2014 Kahrizak, Silkroad Gallery, Tehran Iran
2014 Daily from new silk road, Museum of contemporary Xinjiang, China
2014 London art fair, London,England
2014 Few scenes from Paradise, Atbin art gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013 Machine, Shirin art gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013 Little frame (art Photography), Aria art gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013 “Charkh” Photography exhibition, Sanandaj, Iran
2011 Islamic poster biennial, Tehran, Iran
2010 Warsaw poster biennial, Warsaw, Poland
2010 Selected of young artists, Tehran, Iran
2009 Tehran international poster biennial, Tehran, Iran
2009 Tehran graphic designer biennial, Tehran, Iran
2008 Photography week, Qazvin, Iran
2008 Berno poster biennial, Berno, Czech Republic
2008 Cinema Poster, tiff designer group, Tehran, Iran
2007 Logo design, tiff designer group, Rasht, Iran
2007 Logo design, tiff designer group, Qazvin, Iran
2006 Tamaga logo design biennale, Tamagha, Russia
2005 Posters, tiff designer group, Qazvin, Iran
2004 Illustration, Qazvin, Iran
2003 Illustration, Qazvin, Iran
2002 Poster, Qazvin, Iran